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National Welsh Omnibus Services Ltd

Leyland Nationals supplied new to NWOS and its predecessors

Vehicle Data Table - Notes

I have added a new, mobile friendly version of the table, which does not use scripting. This loses some of the features - see below.

Please note that the vehicle data table uses scripting and may take a minute or so to load. You may be prompted to stop the script running, however, this is not recommended, as some of the features may not work.

The data in the table (only on the mobile-unfriendly version) can be sorted by fleet number (original and the subsequent renumberings), registration number, chassis number, original owner, type, date new, and loaned to. Click on the header of the column containing the data that you wish to sort by.

To assist with reading the rows across the table, any individual row (vehicle) can be selected by clicking anywhere within that row (only on the mobile-unfriendly version). The selected row will then be highlighted in a contrasting colour.

You can download a PDF version of the data table by clicking here.