Double N Left

National Welsh Omnibus Services Ltd

Leyland Nationals supplied new to NWOS and its predecessors


Many years later than the other photographs, Red & White 619 (SKG923S) was new as Western Welsh N5677. By this time the livery had changed, and this 'Red & White' was a different incarnation - not the company that had disappeared into National Welsh back in 1978. I had always regretted the loss of the Red & White name, so it was good to see it revived; and the NBC poppy red never appealed to me, but somehow this livery doesn't work either - perhaps it's the strange step in the grey stripe, or perhaps it is just that white as a relief colour doesn't 'live' in the way that a cream colour does? In any case, the livery didn't survive long, but not really such a great loss. Newport Bus Station, late in 1995.