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National Welsh Omnibus Services Ltd

Leyland Nationals supplied new to NWOS and its predecessors


Virtually all of the photos on this website are scans from colour transparencies, most of which were taken in the years 1975 to 1978. Due to the limitations of the film and equipment then available (at least, to me!), and the deterioration over the subsequent 30+ years, the quality is not always perfect! Hopefully, they will nevertheless be of interest!

The photos can be viewed in several ways. The gallery includes 'thumbnail' copies to select a specific photo for viewing in 3:4 proportion; the slideshow has slightly larger photos than the gallery, and rotates automatically. You can click on the buttons at the bottom centre of the images to switch to a different photo. Finally, the photos can be viewed, with captions, in 2:3 proportion, and slightly larger still, by selecting from the list below.


The photos are listed by registration number, as most of the fleet numbers were changed at least once during the vehicles' lives. Just click on the registration numbers from the list below to see the photos!