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National Welsh Omnibus Services Ltd

Leyland Nationals supplied new to NWOS and its predecessors

Credits and Links


The information included in this website comes from a number of sources besides my own records and photographs. These include publications from the PSV Circle, Capital Transport and 'Fleetbooks' (Alan Witton); Bus Lists on the Web; and Richard Waters, for allocation details - my thanks to all of those.

Links to other sites

The Bus Station - Directory of bus-related websites

Busweb - Another directory of bus-related sites

The PSV Circle - Record details of vehicles and operators in the UK

Bus Lists on the Web - Chassis and body lists of PSVs built or operated in the UK

British Bus Publishing - Publishers of 'Bus Handbook' series (previously published by Capital Transport)

The Transport Hobby Shop - from the Classic Buses website

Fleet lists and photographs of Red & White vehicles

I am also preparing a more general gallery of bus and coach photographs, with a concentration on Bristol/ECW vehicles - click here

...and for something much better than any Leyland National... click here


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